The sixth session of the Bhutan Dialogues was held on 8th March, 2018. With Mr.Hendrik Visser, to discuss on โ€˜Bhutan Climate Actionโ€™.

Hendrik Visser has an MSc in Civil Engineering and an MSc in Sustainable Development and has worked for over twenty years in international development. He lives for over twenty years in Bhutan and is presently working as a consultant in the Asia, Pacific and African regions on issues as Climate Change, Local Governance, Community empowerment, Civil Society strengthening, Infrastructure Development, and Capacity Development.

He is also a founding Board member and Director of the Bhutan Animal Rescue and Care, which promotes Gross Animal Happiness and provides animal rescue and care services in Bhutan. Hendrik is in his work and private life especially interested in shaping development processes, which induce ethical values in society and stimulate the evolution of Human consciousness.

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