Bhutan Dialogues is a space for critical and civil conversations with thought leaders and changemakers drawing upon their expertise, achievements and inspiration. It aims to invigorate development thinking and refine our ideas and the pursuit of human progress. It is a forum for right speech and mindful listening.

Bhutan Dialogues is led by Loden Foundation and The United Nations in Bhutan. Dr Karma Phuntsho, a thought leader, social worker and the President of Loden Foundation currently serves pro bono as the host for the dialogues.

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Speaker: Dr. Rinchen Chophel Being an expert on Gender, Human Rights and particularly known as a key champion of Child Rights and Ending Violence Against Children, nationally, regionally and globally, Dr. Rinchen Chophel has continued to support a multitude of agencies including the SAARC Secretariat in many key regional projects and initiatives. Dr.Rinchen Chophel pioneered Read More

Theme: Bhutan Dialogues 37: Understanding Human Rights and Creating a Safer World for Children

Venue: Livestream

When: Format: Thursday 13 May 2021 from 4:00-5:00pm

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